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Case Win: Relocation Issues in Teaching

Advocacy & Support for Teachers

Relocating for a job can be a mixed experience. For Angelina, a member of the TPAA (Teachers’ Professional Association of Australia) Queensland branch, her move came with unexpected challenges. Many of her belongings arrived damaged, and some didn't arrive at all. Despite her efforts to find a solution, she found herself stuck in a bureaucratic loop. 

Case Win: Defending Teachers Facing Leave Discrepancies

Resolving leave discrepancies in the workplace

Navigating leave discrepancies as a Teacher can be...

Case Win: Defending Teachers Across Australia

Ways to Resolve Bullying IN EDUCATION

Teaching in today's educational landscape is no easy feat,...

Case Win: Teacher Contractual Changes

Resolving Workplace Disputes for Teachers

Leslie, a dedicated teacher from Western Australia, found...

Case Win: Graduate Teacher Pay Dispute

Advocating for Fair Wages in Education

Navigating the ins and outs of a job contract can feel like...

Case Win: Navigating Maternity Leave Entitlements

How TPAA Helped Secure Fairness and Clarity in Employment Benefits

Education is one industry where...

Why the TPAV is the Best Union for Teachers and Educators

What makes the TPAV the best union for teachers and educators across Victoria and Tasmania?


Behind the Membership Fees: TPAV vs. AEU/IEU

AEU & IEU VIC Full Time membership costs an average of $869, whereas TPAV membership is notably...

Case Win: Resolving Workplace Injustice

How TPAA Safeguarded a Members’ Professional Reputation in Education

Education is one industry...

MEDIA RELEASE: The IEU’s Disgraceful Political Stance Betrays Victorian Teachers

The Victorian IEU’s latest disgraceful political stunt is a blatant attack on teachers across our...