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MEDIA RELEASE: The IEU’s Disgraceful Political Stance Betrays Victorian Teachers

The Victorian IEU’s latest disgraceful political stunt is a blatant attack on teachers across our state.

As many of its members sign an antisemitic petition, including organisers and an industrial officer, the IEU executive has turned a blind eye.

National Coordinator of the Teachers’ Professional Association Scott Stanford condemns the IEU.

“It’s common for the Labor Party-aligned Independent Education Union (IEU) to force political issues on their members, but as Jewish teachers leave their union in droves, their silence says it all.”

“Clearly there are significant cultural issues within the IEU given their members don’t feel safe or respected. The antisemitic petition that has been created and promoted by the Labor Paty-aligned registered trade unions is nothing short of disgraceful. It’s an attack on Judeo-Christian values.”

“The IEU General Secretary was more than happy to shamelessly campaign for the Yes Vote in the Voice Referendum less than a month ago, but stands idly by as hatred runs through his union.”

“The IEU has a long history of bullying their own members and using their money to fight political issues - teachers are clearly getting sick of it.”

“To any teachers in Victoria that are feeling unsafe or unsupported by the IEU, give us at the TPAV a call – we’re ready to represent and protect you.”

“We’ll continue to fight to achieve greater outcomes for teachers and provide protection without the politics, something the IEU simply can’t do.”


Media Contact - Edward Schuller (0481 571 537)

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